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Baccarat is one of the easiest card games to play in both physical and online casino. The simple rules of gameplay and easy to understand techniques have made it the top choice for the fun lovers. As both online and physical casino and gambling is illegal in Thailand, there is no way to play baccarat legally within the country. However, there are so many illegal underground casinos and Thai gamblers can also access the forbidden foreign online casinos to play the game of baccarat.

Rules of Baccarat:
The rule of playing baccarat is pretty simple. In baccarat the player gets a hand of cards from the dealer and the ultimate target of the player is to get a hand of cards which is equal to nine in value or as close to nine as possible to win the bet. The player must beat the hand of the dealer to win a jackpot. To calculate the total value of a hand players count the cards like – tens and face cards = zero and all other cards are equal to their assigned numbers. If a player gets a hand which has a total card value of more than nine, ten is deducted from that value and the remaining value becomes the total value of that hand. For example, if a hand has two cards respectively 9 and 8 which is in total 17, ten will be deducted from that 17 and that remaining 7 will be the value of that hand.

Baccarat in Thailand:

In spite of having huge demand and popularity of baccarat card game in Thailand, there is no way of playing it in a legal way in Thailand. If anyone wants to play it, he or she may need to use proxy or other techniques to access the blocked online casinos. Though the Thailand government blocked more than 300 online casinos in Thailand from all over the world, still there are some unblocked online casinos which can be accessed with caution from Thailand. While considering physical casinos, there are illegal underground casinos in almost every city in Thailand where the game of baccarat is available. As online casinos registered and licensed in other countries are free from the obligation of Thai government, they are attracting Thai gamblers and bettors to bet on their sites. Some such online casinos that accept Thai members and offer promotional bonuses and deals are –,,, etc. All these attractive online casinos also support the Thai language and in some cases they also accept the Thai currency.
Good news for the Thai baccarat players is that most online casinos that accept Thai players are now offering live dealer baccarat. In live dealer baccarat the game is played through live cam and there is real dealer who deals the game. So, this is something closest to the real physical gaming. However, being an illegal activity in Thailand playing baccarat is still a risky task about which th

French Roulette tips

French roulette game play

Its American counterpart has two zeros, and so the casino has twice as many chances to win, which makes it is hard to believe that some players continue to stick to it instead of making the transition. Speaking of which, savvy players who are well aware of the slight differences between roulettes, will choose French roulette when possible.

In terms of appearance, the French roulette is identical to the European one as it features a single zero on the wheel. The differences reside in the rules that govern this roulette, more precisely the “en prison” rule which explains what happens when the ball lands on zero. The amount that players have wagered during that round, are not automatically won by the casino but are kept separately for the next betting round. The players basically enjoy a free round, and will have their stakes returned if they indicate the correct color, column, dozen etc.

Given the obvious advantage, it comes as a surprise that the French roulette is not more popular, but the reason is that casinos are not too fond of it. While it is virtually inexistent in brick and mortar casinos, some online establishments are offering French roulette to their members. In an overwhelming majority of cases though, the casinos stick to the European roulette due to the fact that it guarantees a slightly higher house edge. They need to cover the operating costs, and a roulette that has a house edge of only 1% doesn’t meet their expectations, but should be favored by players.

Most of those who spend enough time playing roulette wind up weaving strategies of their own or resort to established ones. Some are based solely on instinct and superstitions, but others take a mathematical approach and use betting patterns that are inspired by famous sequences of numbers. The best example is the Fibonacci string, which has been tweaked to become suitable for roulette and evolved into a system that is quite easy to understand. As any progressive strategy, it can be mistaken as a type of Martingale, but the differences are more significant than the similarities.
The goal is to limit potential losses, but the system doesn’t take the same chances as the martingale does and the progression is less steep. To understand the Fibonacci strategy, one needs to know that in the sequence a number always represents the sum of the previous two. The string begins with 0-1-1-2-3-5-8 and goes on indefinitely, but for roulette players these seven values are the important ones. Players need to follow the sequence after each losing bet and as soon as they record a win, return to the initial amount.

Regular winnings will only generate one unit and the one responsible for breaking the losing streak is too low to offset all of the previous losses. This means that by using the Fibonacci system when playing roulette you are not guaranteed to leave the table with more money than you set down with. On the good side, the risks of reaching the table limit are mitigated and with the same bankroll, players will get deeper than if they were to use the martingale system. The bottom line is to keep the losses as low as possible, and to enjoy the game even during losing sessions while being in control of the time.

Tips for live dealer casino Blackjack online

Unlike slot machines and roulette

Blackjack involves self-control, skill and the ability to count and remember the cards. It is obvious that before entering the casino, you should know all blackjack rules and strategies.

Even though Blackjack has a standard rules book, it is important to know that these rules may change; if you want to earn a lot of cash at Blackjack, you should know these rules by heart. Once you master this game and its strategies, it is very possible that you will earn some good amounts of money.

The number of each card is the only thing that counts in Blackjack. All other things, such as colors should be ignored when playing this game. In order to decide if your hand wins or loses, the card numbers you hold are added up. If you are holding card numbers from two to ten, the things are pretty clear: for example the three of spades is counted as three and the then of hearts as a ten. However, if you are holding an Ace, it is up to you whether you count it as one or eleven. The other cards that do not contain any numbers (jacks, queens and kings) are always counted as ten. The goal of this game is that the player should try to build up a hand of twenty-one or close to this value (never more than twenty-one). If the player makes up a hand higher than twenty-one, he will directly lose it.

When the game starts, the dealer will give each player two cards. After he has finished dealing the cards, players need to evaluate their hand and they may either ask for another card or stand. The dealer also has his own hand and his goal is to play against the players; he can also take another card or stand. If both the dealer and the player don’t make a hand value of twenty-one and do not get bust, the one who is holding a higher number in his hand is declared as the winner. Moreover not only the players get bust if they make a hand higher than twenty-one, but also the dealers. Assuming your hand is not surpassing 21, you will win the round no matter the value you are holding in your hands.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the fact that there are many blackjack rules available, which may affect your winning chances. For example, in some casinos the dealer’s responsibility is to stop on seventeen, reducing the chances of winning. Another possibility is to allow a pair to be separated; this rules allows you to play two hands at the same time, separately (this rules applies only if your last hand contained a pair, such as two fours). If you choose to play both hands, you can either lose or win two times in a round.

SBO Casino and Sportsbook review

sbo casino and sportsbook review

SBO Casino provides superb online entertainment. It offers a wonderfully enhanced global gaming option. It is a legal land-based casino which had its license issued by the Cambodian Governments. It is located between Moc Va in Vietnam and Prey Vor in Cambodia.

Gaming Concept

This casino is the first to offer a new gaming concept to the online gaming community. Customers are able to play with real players on the tables based in the casino. You will be able to play popular Asian games such as Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Baccarat, Tai Sai and Se Die. This will give you the distinct feeling of being inside a casino, offering an enhanced gaming opportunity.

The games are operated by live dealers, so you get the feeling that you are in a live casino, with the comforts of your own home. You will be able to see the dealers shaking the dice and spinning the wheel on your screen in the comfort of your home. You will also be able to meet them and chat with them.

You will be able to see immediate confirmation of your winnings. The casino offers fast payouts. The site is easy to access, with superior surfing speeds, and is available at any time of day or night, no matter where you are.

online casino Security

SBO casino offers superior security for their customers. They use a 128 bit SSL connection to ensure that any information provided online is safe and secure. Account and customer authentication, as well as any other communications will be sent securely and confidentially over their secure internet connection. Aims SBO casino would like to offer you the best value and a superior gaming environment and experience. They are confident that their unique gaming concept will cater to all types of players. This concept is ideal for those looking for satisfaction of their gaming requirements and needs.